7 Ways Seniors Beat Loneliness And Isolation With Social Media

Jerry Pompilio
3 min readApr 7, 2021
Photo by Maria Fernanda Pissioli on Unsplash

You feel the sleep slip away. Your eyes slide open, you see light peeking through the blinds. Another day begins.

Laying in bed, working up the strength get yourself up and start the body moving. You notice it get a little harder every day.

You tell yourself, arthritis must be creeping up on me. These old bones seem to be getting a little stiffer every day.

But that’s not the only pain your feeling these mornings.

That Empty Feeling Comes Over You

Your focus changes, the activity you’ve planned for today now canceled. Not having an alternative, your mind starts to drift. You start thinking back to those days. Back when your wife was still alive. Having passed only several years earlier. This is time we would sit and talk about our plans for the day and the days ahead.

And now you sit alone. That empty feeling hits you straight up. Yes, it’s loneliness. Not just today, a little more every day.

You know why? At this stage of life, social interaction can decline greatly and quite rapidly. With your spouse and children are gone. The social exchange we experience through working is now gone.



Jerry Pompilio

Jerry Pompilio, Small business survivor. With over 50 years in the service business. At this stage, it’s time to pay it back. To help others survive it too.