Why are your business articles not about business?

Jerry Pompilio
4 min readJul 17, 2023

If you ever tried starting a business, you’ll know what I mean.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’ve started and run several small businesses over the past 45 years.

Throughout this time I studied many books on business. I did learn a lot from them, but for the most part, they all said very similar things.

As my experienced grew I found there’s much more to business than business. Business is one of the most dynamic experiences of life.

There are so many moving parts

Where do you start?

You’re, first inspired in some way that makes you think you have a better idea. Whatever the inspiration is it will send you in a directions you never thought about.

If you want to put the odds in your favor to succeed, you will start to educate yourself about how to start and run a business. To try and write about it and explain it is a daunting job.

How do you put into writing all the twists and turns you will go through to get a good start? And this is only to start. Now do you know how to run it?

It’s not the same thing, compare it to starting and than driving a car.

You started it now how are you planning to drive it.



Jerry Pompilio

Jerry Pompilio, Small business survivor. With over 50 years in the service business. At this stage, it’s time to pay it back. To help others survive it too.